How to Choose an Email, Server and Data Security Company

Trusting an email, server and data security company with your organization’s private communications and information is no small decision. When you make your choice, you must be able to do so with the utmost confidence in the firm’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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Make sure the data security company you select makes these tasks a central part of their services:

They Constantly Update Patches and Applications

You know that cyber security threats never cease. They constantly evolve in an effort to exploit your system’s weaknesses.

The firm you choose should keep your systems, applications and browsers fully protected and updated with the latest plug-ins. They should keep meticulous records so they know when each device or program was last updated.

They Make Password Security a Priority

Password security is one of the main ways to increase email, server and data security. All user passwords must be changed every 90 days and they must not be repeated. Password generation must be governed strictly, and all employees and users briefed on protocol.

They Help Establish Authentication Procedures

Your security firm should establish a quality, two-step authentication procedure that all network users must follow. Users should be required to verify their identity in multiple ways, like through a PINs or random codes.

They Train Your Employees in Best Practices

Do your employees access your network from home? Do they use mobile phones or tablets? Your email, server and data security team should train employees on how to install the latest firewalls and anti-virus software and help them identify spamming, hacker and impersonation scams.

Training is key to helping all members of your organization ensure the security of personal and professional data.

They Pay Attention to User Access

Which members of your company have access to what data? If you are not well-versed in user access management, it’s likely that your employees can easily view and download confidential data. With a quality security team on your side, you can ensure each user’s range of access fits the requirements of his or her position.

They Maintain and Manage All Accounts

One of the primary ways that hackers gain access to your company’s data is by impersonating a current user or hijacking an outdated, unused account. You need a security team that will remove all inactive accounts and continually monitor user activity as a way to identify threats.

You can trust Rock Mountain Technology to protect your firm from threats with comprehensive, detailed email, server and data security management.