Managed IT Services

How can managed IT services make a difference for your organization?

You want a fix before something breaks. You don’t want a response after the crisis.

You want preventive, constant attention for your company’s IT systems — it’s that important. At Rock Mountain Technology, we specialize in these services because we’re focused on anticipating problems before they affect your network, not just being there for damage control.

Your Systems Are Our Responsibility

Managed IT services provide peace of mind. You will know for a fact that your computer networks, email and databases are under the watchful eye of a team that’s knowledgeable about the functions necessary to keep your business running. Your network security and overall IT systems’ reliability is no longer your problem — it’s our responsibility.

We Focus on Prevention

At Rock Mountain Technology, we serve our American Forks clients differently than other IT companies. For over 10 years, our goal has been to evolve in the way we approach meeting your IT needs.

Instead of only providing service when a system component goes down, we have found that proactive maintenance is better for all parties involved. Your customers will not suffer from downtime, your employees will not get frustrated when issues crop up and we will not profit from mishaps and system issues. We retain your business when we keep your network secure and functional.

24-Hour Monitoring and Reduced Costs

Utilizing Rock Mountain Technology’s IT services is like having a full team of in-house employees — without all of the costs involved. When you partner with Rock Mountain Technology, you’ll spend a fixed amount on your company’s IT needs, getting all the technical help required to keep your systems running.

Rock Mountain Technology stays on top of your organization’s networks around the clock. Twenty-four-hour monitoring means virtually no downtime. Early detection of issues leads to fast resolutions and excellent system performance.

Our remote monitoring capabilities make Rock Mountain Technology the ideal firm to trust with the continued function of your network. And when in-person service is required, we visit your location in the American Forks area, providing fast, on-site repair.

Focus on what you do best: managing your core operations. Let Rock Mountain Technology keep your IT systems running at an affordable price. Call today for more information and learn what our managed IT services can do for you.