Server System Administration

Are you tired of your computers not meeting demands in time, or at all? Are your servers slow and unresponsive?

Rock Mountain Technology’s server and system administration services include managing and optimizing these components. We ensure high performance, provide responsive troubleshooting and improve security policies to the satisfaction of our clients.

Trust a Team of Problem-Solvers

After more than a decade of working in server and system administration, we have found the central skill that separates a good admin team from a great one: problem solving. Over the years, we have perfected our ability to identify, troubleshoot and solve problems under pressure. It takes an in-depth knowledge of a business’ software use, a keen understanding of security and a commitment to communication and teamwork.

Our process begins with learning about your business operations, gaining an understanding of your needs and continuously delivering impressive results and unending reliable service.

We Know Security Is Vital

Quality server and system administration service is marked not only by how well problems are solved and software and hardware are configured, but by how well business-critical systems are protected from outside threats. We make server and system security a major priority, putting your mind at ease and keeping your data safe.

We have great confidence that we will be able to quickly improve the way your servers and systems operate, respond to problems immediately and maintain strong firewalls and impervious security defenses. From applying operating system updates to auditing software performance to assisting users with account setup, Rock Mountain Technology covers all aspects of server and system administration, making us the premier choice when you are looking for IT professionals in American Fork.