VOIP, or voice over internet protocol, is the latest and greatest business phone service. You already invest in your network. Why not make the change from a landline to a reliable, mobile phone service?

Rock Mountain Technology shows you how modern VOIP service can help reduce costs and provide many benefits that traditional phone lines cannot, then we help install and configure your VOIP system.

We Help You Make the Switch

Maintaining a working phone line infrastructure is expensive. It takes time to ensure all phone lines are up to industry regulations and in proper working order. Since you already maintain a data network, why not significantly reduce your telecommunications costs and have Rock Mountain Technology install a VOIP system that leverages this data network for phone conversations?

VOIP services are extremely flexible, which is ideal for small- and large-sized businesses. Take internal or external calls on your laptop. Get faxes and voicemails through email.

VOIP is also useful for companies that are expanding. You can get virtual phone numbers and choose the area code you’d like.

Rock Mountain Technology will be there through every step if you’re considering moving your company to a VOIP system — it’s fast and it makes sense logistically and financially.

We Resolve Issues Fast

We are here to help with every issue that may come up throughout the installation and implementation process. We can set up call forwarding to a cell phone or other landline in the event of a power failure. We can make video conference calls a reality.

No matter the size of your business or the size of your budget, let us help you use VOIP technology to your advantage. Call Rock Mountain Technology today.